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I needed to raise mine by 8". I lowered the floor. I had an excavator dig out 20", added 7" of compacted class 5 to work as a base for the 5" concrete floor that went on top of the base. Then I insulated the entire perimeter on the outside with 2" of pink insulation board and poured a 4" apron around the building. The poles are not attached to the concrete.

Filled in the gap at the gap at the bottom, insulated it, added a furnace and no more horse barn, now a fully functioning shop.

The old barn sat high enough on the grade that I was able to cut away 8" all away around the building so it drains away. The poles don't sit as deep as they used to but with the perimeter insulated and heat inside I do not worry about frost lifting a corner of the building. With the ceiling fully framed out and the plank and OSB walls the building is incredibly solid and stable.

I did consider raising the building and pouring a slab under it and converting it from a pole barn to a slab on grade structure but decided against it. If i had the entire building up on jacks and any wind came up I think it could be a very dangerous situation.

Your building looks a little smaller than mine but you have the center posts to deal with as well Without the dimensions I can only guess. If lowering the floor is not an option I think a beam (double 2X12 LVL should be enough) on each side and down the center securely attached to the posts and high enough fit a jack and blocking under. With 6 - 9 jacks (depends on capacity of beams) and the posts detached I think it could be done. Raise each jack a 1/4" at a time, regularly checking to keep the whole building level. I would enlist your least favorite in-law to man the jacks in the center row. Use long 2X4s to brace the posts so they can't deflect.

The risk here is not only a wind, since the post will not be secure so any wind can pick up an edge and then its game over. You also have posts with little to tie them together. As weight transfers a post could kick out and again its game over. The more you can cross brace the posts the better.

So you buy some LVLs, lumber and jacks. How much more for the new right sized building?
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