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Below is a pic of my pole barn. (was a hazy morning)

Clearance is about 100 inches on the nose, but I am interested in raising it if possible as all the tractors I am looking at are in the 102-105 height range.

Is it fessible to do this, and if so, how? What equipment would be required?

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2-5" shouldn't be too bad by just jacking up the posts if they are already deep enough in the ground. However, I'll throw out another alternative. This is material inexpensive but could be labor expensive. Block up the existing structure, cut it loose from the posts but save the posts. Raise the structure and set short sections of 6" deep x appropriate width timber on top of the posts. I'd go to the width of the existing diagonal bracing. Tie everything back together. It's an alternative but not necessarily what I'd do.

I see one post is already on a concrete pillar. Those are also alternatives, just need to tie things together so wind can't uplift the building.

Lots of ways to get a few extra inches, you just need to figure out the most economical way that leaves a structure with the strength and stability needed for your area. If that post is just sitting on a concrete pillar, that's not great as wind can easily lift it. Some way to tie the two together even if it's anchor bolts into the concrete and strapping is needed.
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