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Re-Enginered my Fimco sprayer setup for Imatch (pics)

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See pics attached


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Looks great KB.
Thanks Kenny.

It works better than it looks!! :thumbup1gif:
Nice job, it looks handy and built clean and strong for years of service. :good2:
Very well done KB. :thumbup1gif:

Now, how big is that spray boom? Mine is a 12ft and when mounted on the 3pt that puppy has quite a swing. I found you can pivot it into everything.:mocking:
Boom is 10ft but sprays about 12ft. I use this one on straight driveways and such. Not much to get into with it.
Boom is 10ft but sprays about 12ft. I use this one on straight driveways and such. Not much to get into with it.
So what are you spraying? Round-up?
That's a nice setup!
Yes I spray Roundup on several rock and dirt driveways.
See pics attached
How many gallons does this tank hold? Is this originally an ATV sprayer? Been looking for some way to use my new iMatch/3 pt (and new 1026R) for spraying. Just looked at TSC yesterday, and see they sell a 25-gallon ATV sprayer with a 10' (I believe it is) boom) for about $380 or so. It seems their 3-point sprayers start at 40-gallons (in fact, TSC sells only the 55-gallon and larger versions), which really is too much for my application.

I have a short rock road, 2-acre lawn, rock pad in front of out-building/machine storage building (and, yes, the road and this rock pad need Round-up!!)... really don't need more than about a 25-gallon tank. Also, your re-engineering (nice job, by the way!) got me to thinking... hmm, maybe I could re-engineer my old Fimco 25-gallon "pull-type" sprayer... use the tank and frame... albeit only has 2-spray nozzles on a fixed "boom" covering perhaps 6-8 feet or so (not all bad in small spaces.. I have only 3-acres total).

Thanks for sharing this...
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This is a Fimco 25 gallon ATV sprayer.
Very nice. That's what I need for my 1200' of gravel driveway. tnx for the pix!

Great, another "to-do" project. :thumbup1gif: & :unknown:.

Thanks! That was my guess: Looked at one in TSC the other day, before seeing your post... $379... was wondering to myself at the time if this (i.e. mounting as 3-point sprayer) might be the way to go, as their smallest 12-volt 3-point sprayer is 40-gallons, and their 25-gallon 3-point requires a $140 roller pump, putting the price upwards of $700. So, the $379 + iron + welding and entertaining project time works better. Thanks for showing that it can work!
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The more you use it, the more convenience items you'll want to add to it. Don't ask me how I know. :laugh:
I followed your picture build and really liked the attention to detail and modifications. You put alot of thought into it, obviously. It looks like the solenoids are to control different areas of the boom? Is this for spot weed control or ? What is the objective behind the build....I guess is what my questioning is. I might need to build me one too :D
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Thanks RGD. Normally an OEM FIMCO sprayer has the boom section all on or all off. For me I need the ability to turn one or two sections off at a time depending on where I'm spraying. Originally I made it work with the three manual ball valves; but I had to hop on and off the tractor more than I cared for. The older I get the lazier I get, and so I wanted to be able to switch those sections on and off while driving. It makes the spraying chore easier. I use the hose reel for spot spraying or for areas I can't get into with the boom.

If I knew then what I know now about sprayers, I would have built mine from scratch.
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