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rear duals on a '99 4100?

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Hello, gang.

Recently inherited a '99 4100 w/410 loader from my step-father.

The thing has amazing balls for an 18hp rig. But it sure is tippy! I was wondering if anyone has added a set of duals to the rear for a wider footprint for better stability AND traction?? I'm still learning the rig and don't even know if it's possible or practical. I don't want risk putting additional stress on the drivetrain and underpinnings or otherwise damaging this machine, but I was thinking that duals would help and also act as rear weights what with another set of heavy rims and R4 skins added to the rear.

Any advice is much appreciated!
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The price for most of these wheel extensions is, frankly, outrageous. I know everyone has to make a profit for their work, but c'mon. Really?

I dig some more digging on this site and elsewhwere around the web and decided to try the old flip & switch trick. Took all of maybe 20 minutes. The wheels reversed (L for R & R for L) does make a noticeable difference. Looks like I gained maybe 2-3 inches wider stance. I hadn't even thought about it, but this simple swap may also create enough additional space between the rear tires now to prevent my 3pt lower arms from swinging and banging into them. That would be a great side benefit!
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