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I have a 2020 3038e with a backhoe and grapple. I'm looking to install 4th and 5th rear SCVs and I'm looking at the BLV10903 kit. The instructions show how to install with a FEL, but not with a backhoe. With the FEL it calls for the pressure to come from the FEL control valve. Being I already have a 3rd function, I would need a custom line to go there instead.

My alternate idea is to mount the rear kit and then connect the hydraulics to the backhoe connections. Based on my understanding Red is the supply/pressure because it is common to both setups (backhoe and non-backhoe operation). So from Red to the pressure input of the new valves, Tank port goes to Yellow, and "Rockshaft", which I assume is the 3 point hitch or PB(Google wasn't much help) goes to Blue.

Does this sound right?

Backhoe connections in the attached pic.


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