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Rear snowblower hydraulic chute on JD4400

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First post for me.

I have an old Mod 240, 6' snow blower that had a manual chute. I have fabricated a hydraulic chute actuator. My 4400 came with the backhoe hydraulic hook up. Question is what do I need to do to raise and lower the blower and rotate the chute. Has anyone done this with their tractor/blower? Is it possible to Tee off of the backhoe hook ups?

Thanks in advance,

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Scv 4400

My 4300 is about 8 years old I bought the SCV KIT at purchase time and it took me a day and half to install it had no problems following the included instructions
At some time you will have this look Machine Vehicle Tractor Agricultural machinery
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Scv 4400

Thank you Kennyd right you are had forgotten I did both power beyond and SCV would agree about getting a kit Easy to follow instructions lots of parts and lots of highly bent hydraulic tubing For a novice well worth the cost
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