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Receiver Hitch

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I have been looking at receiver hitchs and Heavy Hitchs. I could not justify the money for the occasional times I would use it. (Besides, I am cheap.) I purchased a receiver from Harbor Freight and bolted it to my iMatch. There were 3 holes already in the iMatch frame, for what, I don't know. I drilled a 4th hole for one of Ken's grab hooks. I put 2 in the usual place on the FEL and use them to hold objects in the bucket and light pulling. I am afraid to pull too hard for fear of messing up the FEL. I don't want to tell my wife I broke my new toy. Anyway, I figure I can pull as hard as the tractor can go with this grab hook. When I mounted the receiver I had the rototiller on and it cleared. When I attached the ballast box, I had to unbolt it and remove 1/4 inch. Now it stays mounted and is out of the way.


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Seems like it would be too high? I think the back of my trailer would drag the ground if I had the tongue that far up.

I have often thought about adding heavy tabs to the inside bottom of my imatch for a bolt in drawbar. The only downside I can think of is PTO driven stuff being in the way so thats why I would make it bolt in.

Let us know how that works out.

Having a hook is a great idea. I need to do that. Just being able to lift a little to drag something would be great.
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Nice Job DG!


Yup, let us know how it works for ya. Not sure I'd have thought of that arrangement. But then again, we are unclear of your actual use. Show us some action shots. :thumbup1gif:
Great idea!:thumbup1gif: I give it two thumbs up!:good2:

I too would like to see a picture of it hooked to a trailer if it's convenient. :hi:
I know if I don't set the rock shaft stop when I am mowing, the I match hitch has dug in to the yard, I would think trying to pull a trailer level with that set up would mean draging the lift links/:unknown:
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I had a drop hitch welded up so the ball holds my trailer tongue level when the iMatch (with receiver) is raised to the max. Since it is held all the way up, it can not jump if I hit a bump. Sorry Randy, but I can not find my camera. Gradkids had it. If anyony foresees any problems let me know because I have only used it once.
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