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Recent 318 Purchase

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I just recently purchased a low hour JD 318 the tractor is equipped with what I believe to be a 50 inch deck(M01011X508158).

A few questions:

1. Is there a site readily available online where I can pickup a Owners Manual and Service Manual for both the Tractor and Deck? The engine on the tractor has been rebuilt and I'd genuinely like to start off on the right foot and take care of it.

2. The only issue that I can see with the mower deck is while the mower is engaged (full throttle) the middle blade seems to bog a bit. Is there a tensioner that needs to be adjusted? The seller told me that the mandrel didn't seem to be the issue.

3. Is there anywhere online where I could pick up a deck discharge chute? From what I've seen online, some have newer black plastic chutes others, Yellow metal chutes.

4. Odd Question - The deck did come with a Power Flow Bagger. Right above the discharge side of the mower, there's what looks to be a plastic hinged inspection cover? Looks like its seen better days :) Any idea where I could find a replacement?


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Nice looking 318. I had a 316 and it was a nice tractor.

Here is a link to get your manuals.
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