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Recent 318 Purchase

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I just recently purchased a low hour JD 318 the tractor is equipped with what I believe to be a 50 inch deck(M01011X508158).

A few questions:

1. Is there a site readily available online where I can pickup a Owners Manual and Service Manual for both the Tractor and Deck? The engine on the tractor has been rebuilt and I'd genuinely like to start off on the right foot and take care of it.

2. The only issue that I can see with the mower deck is while the mower is engaged (full throttle) the middle blade seems to bog a bit. Is there a tensioner that needs to be adjusted? The seller told me that the mandrel didn't seem to be the issue.

3. Is there anywhere online where I could pick up a deck discharge chute? From what I've seen online, some have newer black plastic chutes others, Yellow metal chutes.

4. Odd Question - The deck did come with a Power Flow Bagger. Right above the discharge side of the mower, there's what looks to be a plastic hinged inspection cover? Looks like its seen better days :) Any idea where I could find a replacement?


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A quick pic:


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Hi Ed
I have a 316 with the 50" deck. What exactly do you mean by just one blade "bogging"? Is the spindle stiffer to turn than the others? If that is the case,I'm thinking the spindle bearings are pretty much on their last leg. Normal hour life is roughly 500 on the spindle bearings,give or take. There is no tensioner adjustment. Just the spring that keeps eveything stretched. If you are planning to use your 318 for grass cutting,I would suggest getting what JD calls the "speed up" pulley to replace your main center one. It will give your blades a bit more speed. Every little bit helps on these older machines. Any other questions I'm glad to help. What T-Mo suggests (JD Parts) is a good idea also. Very nice of him to offer the pdf's too. You may also find a chute or a cover on eBay or Craigslist.

Greg - Man that deck looks great. I had a bit of time today to pull the deck. Theres a slight wobble on 2 out of three. These blades have seen better days for sure. Believe it or not, they all spin just fine, there's a definitely a slight grind and groan to all three. What to order? Bearings? The speed up pulley I've seen. Not a bad idea.

I'm used to restoring Sears Suburban tractors equipped with sealed Mandrels. Never had to fool around with them before:laugh:
Hi Ed
Thanks for the compliment. It's not quite that clean now after cutting for 2 summers,but it,and the tractor definitely needed some TLC back then.
I would definitely replace those bearings,they are JD #9296 sealed bearings which are a popular size for alot of decks. At the time,they were around 7.00 apiece. You can find them on eBay a bit cheaper,but they will be China made. The ones from JD were (at the time when I bought them in 2010) made in Japan.I'll take those any day over the other ones.
The speed up pulley is #AM116141 ( current price 72.00). It's a good thing I decided to get it,because I destroyed the stock one removing it. The two end pulleys came off no problem,but that middle one was a bear. I also replaced the center spindle hub #M45273 ( current price 50.00) because the bearings came out just a little too easy which concerned me. It takes the most punishment. I was able to use a press,but I've read where a decent vise and the proper diameter "tooling" will do the job just as good. I also replaced all the snap rings #J2376M (current price 3.36 ea.). I gave the part numbers and prices in case you need them.

Glad to help

Greg thanks for the info. I saved everything to a my GreenParts Store wish list. I'm just slowly going to tackle it one section at a time. If I'm rebuilding the mandrels why not powder coat and replace the worn out parts now :)

Well it took a bit longer than I was expecting but I finally got my 50 inch deck completely powder coated. Turned out awesome! Minus the (transport) lift arms having a bit too much powder coating around the holes and springs (yeah, they're bound together :tongue:), everything turned out great. Since I bought the 318, I upgraded the Headlights to LED with the JDLED kit, bought a snowthrower, replaced front and rear rims & tires (V61's and Carlisle Tru Power), bought a seat cover and a great tractor cover. Such a great feeling to have hydro assisted steering :) Anyway I've got a few odds and ends that I'd like to see if you guys could help with.

1. When I took a look at the 50 inch deck shields I noticed that there was a small warp on the chute side and a substantial warp on the opposing side. This could have been from when I pulled it, could have been stepped on or the baking process from the powdercoater could have sent it out of whack. With a rag, a pair of pliers and good push from my right knee, I managed to get everything close. Since I do have a Power Flo system, the chute side shield has a heavy duty piece of weatherstripping that guards the Mandrel. Any gap will allow debris onto the top of the deck. I've come this far with it and really wouldn't want to half a** it. Is there weatherstripping available (specifically) that I could round both shields with? I know it'll make a huge difference with keeping debris out. The Stripping looks very similar to what was used for the engine partition. John Deere lists it as being cut 10 inches from the following:

John Deere ISOLATOR M89467

That would come out to a dollar an inch :thumbsdown:

2. Unfortunately the Powdercoater couldn't give me a guarantee that when he media blasted the deck that the Model Tag wouldn't bite the dust. I told him to just blast it off. I know that all of the decals are available for my deck are still available. Are there any vendors who sell replacement Model # Decals? (M01011x508158) It's a shame that it had to go since I know for a fact that the one off decals I had made for two of my Sears Tractor restorations can run $50-$60 for a one off shifter plate or Model # w/hood pinstripe (layout time/vectoring).

3. Did the Exhaust side Engine Panel come with any type of isolation ring to dampen the heat? I know that I saw a picture of Hammerdowns tractor and saw something that looked like it. JD doesn't show anything and I know that on my tractor the heat has caused some minor issues.

Thanks!!!!!! I can't wait to hop on and mow some lawn already :yahoo:
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Hi folks, after a five year break, I'm ready to finish my 318 restoration. Are the decals still available online for this 50 inch deck? Any pics or examples where someone has replaced them and measured it out? What about model plate? Unfortunately, I had to let the powder coater strip everything off the deck and didn't think to measure or take pics ahead of time. Thanks!
Thanks for the info guys! I've used the snot out of this tractor, pulling trees over and snowblowing. I think it's about time to do some maintenance and clean it up a bit. We've actually named him, "Brutus". I have a guy that can actually make the decals if I can't find them and there's a vendor that my brother found who can make solid model plates with rivets and all. There's nothing like a Deere and for every five Sears Suburbans that we've went to use over the past five years, this one starts and works everytime :greentractorride::thumbup1gif:

My mower was completely torn apart, sandblasted and powdercoated. I nearly sued the company that put it back together since it was quoted at one price and what I got back was a bill for triple and pieces of wood shimming certain parts ( I kid you not). So this one will go off to a Deere Dealer coming up for a full inspection and than I'll tear it apart, paint and freshen everything up. Solid as a rock!:bigthumb:
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