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A year or so ago I was looking up information on the Z9xx series ZTraks and found some various guides that would be helpful as manual supplements for those of us with the 900 series ZTraks. I had tossed these files out in my Google Drive so I could access them from my phone but was thinking others might benefit from them as well. These are not the Technical Manuals which are protected by Copy-write laws but they do provide a more condensed, easier to read version of what is in the operator manual. Think of it as an owners manual with better pictures and without all the warnings. It just focuses on what you really need to know. I also found the Kawasaki FX850V manual for the 27HP vertical shaft engine found in the Z950M/R. It is nice to see what the actual manufacturer (Kawasaki) recommends vs the assembler (John Deere). There were some minor differences. There is also a really nice PDF which is a reference guide for commonly needed parts like filters, blades, switches and such. This way you can reference the part number without having to find it in the parts library and shop around for the best price.

I had dieselshadow verify that there wasn't anything in these PDFs that might upset John Deere and he felt they would be fine. As I said for the most part the information can be found in your owners manual anyhow or other public sources such as John Deere's website. Once reviewed, he posted the files in the Technical Library for me. I didn't notice that this area existed before so I probably wouldn't have seen them.

These guides will cover any of the current generation Z915-970 machines. Also with the older Z920 generation there isn't much of a difference. In fact there is a setup guide for the older Z920 machines that looks identical to what I would do on my Z950R.

The main things I have used out of these documents would be looking up belts, filters and fluid specs as I always keep a supply on hand of those consumables. Deck leveling procedure as I do this a couple times a year when the MCS goes on or comes off. Control stick calibration procedure.

Maybe this will help someone out there.
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