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The other day I was remembering back to my first experience with a tractor. I was probably 6 or 7 years old and our family was visiting the grandparents for a couple of weeks up in the Blue Mountains of northeastern Oregon. My grandfather had a late 1950ish Model A row-tractor he used mainly for his small hay crops. He kept about 20 head of cattle for tax reasons and for beef. I can recall riding with him on the popper as it trudged back and forth across the fields cutting, raking, baling and such. The tractor never did start without a lot of help. He also had a sawmill of sorts that he could power using the wheel on the side of the tractor. In the early '80's he used that tractor and mill to make all the lumber used to build his 3-story house. We never did figure out why he wanted a 3-story house as they never used more than a couple of rooms on the top floor and some storage in the basement. I think it was just his dream house and he wanted the satisfaction of building and completing it before he died.

Anyway, here is a picture of a 1947 Model A that looks just like what I remember him having.

Good memories....


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