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I wanted to start a thread to deal with two issues on my mind today.

1. I am thinking about mounting some lifting points to make picking up my RC2048 rear 3 point mower deck safer and easier. Wondering what Ken thinks of this using the KBOH products, of course.

My thought is to bolt on 2 clevis mounts on the RC2048 Frontier deck edge, to make lifting of the deck with the FEL safer. I would like to be able to lift the mower up sideways, with the underside of the deck facing away from the tractor. This would;

A.- Permit the mower deck to be lifted to easily clean under the deck and also hit the blades with a tool to clean up the mower blades and restore the cutting edge or

B. - Make removing the blades easier for sharpening if they need more than to be touched up.

Please note, I plan on using a vacuum fluid drainer to pull the gear case oil out of the case. Also having the unit on its side should make getting as much of the old fluid out as possible since there isn't a drain plug at the lowest point of the case.

The reason for the mounting points for lifting verses just chains or straps is to make lifting the mower as safely as possible and also to make lifting it very consistent. The straps would prevent damaging to the surface of the deck or the loader bucket. This is a heavy implement to lift and it has to be lifted fairly high to get it positioned where it would be easiest to work on.

I need to examine the mower deck to see the best possible places to mount the lifting points.

The deck width is going to make positioning the loader out far enough over the deck something to be aware of. The straps will help with this as well.

Once I have the deck tipped on it's side, I will lower the unit to the ground and use the bucket to help stabilize the vertical position of the mower deck.

The deck is much narrower than it is were one to try and lift the mower deck "lengthwise", using the front end of the mower and with the limited lift height of the 1 series tractor. Lifting the deck "sideways" should be easier than trying to pick up the deck using either end.

Lifting the deck sideways also eliminates dealing with removing the rear wheel and arm from the mower to prevent damaging it. As long as the PTO shaft is secured and doesn't flop around it should be fine. I would pull the outer half of the shaft off, it can be greased that way when put back together.

2. Is there a practical use for the OEM I Match center hook which the updated KBOH center hook replaces? Below are dimensions of the KBOH hook. I would rather see the hook put to a good use verses it laying in the toolbox drawer.

Here are the dimensions of the KBOH Improved hook, but for general dimensions, the KBOH illustration should sure help figure out something else on which to use the "old hook"

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The take off hook is close to the size of a Pat's quick hitch,,,

Weld the take off to your ballast box,, it will do double duty,,
1) increase the weight of the ballast box,,
2) provide a convenient location to tote a goodly length of 3/8" or smaller chain,,,

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