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Check out Rustic Table For DIL Maria for the background on this bench to go with the table.

I had to trim the legs for the mounting plates . . . thus the creation of a fixture to hold each leg secure while I notch it for each mounting plate and hanger bolt setup.

I wanted to be able to use my table saw and it would have to be real secure to hold-up to the table saw's 10" blade and vibration. A little nervous I cautious cut the first vertical cut in a leg which went surprisingly well. I planned to make the second cut with the table saw also but then changed over to the band saw.

View attachment 779906 View attachment 779907 View attachment 779908 View attachment 779910

Then the horizontal cut and results using the band saw.
View attachment 779911 View attachment 779912

The fixture also worked well holding each leg while I drilled holes for the 'hanging bolts'.

Initial assembly for fit indicated I was on the right track, things were going as planned.

Legs and aprons will be white and the table was stained top/bottom. The first coat of Arm-R-Seal has been applied to the top and underside of the seat . . . they're drying as I type here.

View attachment 779914 View attachment 779915

Missey went to get the primer and sealer from Maria. I'll be ready when she arrives . . .

More later . . .
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