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Regarding scarifiers, I didn't get them because I (still) had my box blade. When trying to just work the ground (red clay here) there are areas where the land plane did not dig in enough. It is a 7 foot wide unit and weights 660 lb, as opposed to my 6' 800# box blade with scarifiers.

So if you have nothing with scarifiers, and you got rid of your box blade I'd get the scarifiers on your land plane.

As for your "haven't touched the driveway in 6 years" comment, well, when you have the land plane you'll clean it up once a year just 'cause you can :laugh:.

My biggest complaint with the land plane is the length. More would be good. The Jenkinsph home built special has the length and weight needed. It's a "Ubber-Grader".

BTW, my GradeMaster U7 was $930 (pre-tax). So for me it's another occasional use medium grade implement. I looked at the Frontier, it was about $1300 with no scarifiers.

TnT also takes the land plane (and the box blade) to a whole new level (If I can use that trendy phrase with a straight face :mocking:....).



1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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