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Road Graders

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Ok, so since I sold my BB, i've been thinking about getting a road grader...still too early to tell if I will get one as I'm debating the whole need/want thing. What really made me start "rethinking" of this is this spring (not done yet) has been especially hard on my driveway. I've wanted to build one, but I've come to the conclusion that probably wont happen anytime soon cause of my project load and all the other things I want to do first.

The one I'm looking at is the Land Pride GS1572:

Cheapest I've found one locally thus far is $1500 bucks. I can get the Frontier LP1172 for a bit less...
Nothing in stock regardless of brand, so I cant really kick the tires and get a feel for it but..that essentially means to me (assuming equal quality) that is it worth the couple hundred for the scarifiers. I've never used one before, but my driveway is TOUGH, I'm just picturing the non-scarifer version just sliding across the top and accomplishing nothing.

And now I'm debating if I even need one...thats alot of money to grade the driveway once a year...heck this will be the first time in the 6 years since we built the house I've had to mess with the driveway.
Any thoughts on Scarifiers or no, and if I should even get one in the first place?
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I have been wanting to make a land plane too. But my grandpa said that why would I need it when i have a box blade, rear blade with gauge wheels, and a landscape rake? So I haven't made one, yet. :D And if I did make one, weight is a must, kinda limiting since my little Yanmar can only lift about 500 pounds on the 3 point hitch. Now if i made one for the 3720 than I could make one real sturdy and heavy. I might even make it over built like all of the things i make and have stuff on it that aren't necessary but make it so it will last forever.
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