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Rolled my 3039r Today

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Well, apparently the 3039r is a little more top heavy than my old 870.

I was mowing a slope that I mow every year with my 870. I have to be careful with the 870 (keep the bucket down, watch my speed, ect.) But apparently it has a lower center of gravity than my 3039r. I had the bucket down and was going slow when it tipped over. I felt it start to go and immediately pushed the bucket all the way down but it was too late.

I was not buckled in (I will be in the future) and stepped off on the downhill side. I was really lucky I almost got crushed.

The tractor was on its side for about an hour. When I got it righted it was still on the slope and not completely stable. So I decided to try and start it so I could get it to a safe location. You guessed it I locked it up. In hind sight I know better than to immediately start an engine after a rollover. But I was by myself and wanted to get things to a safe state and completely forgot.

I was able to drag it to a flat area with my other tractor where is it sitting now. I am going to let it sit overnight and see if the oil drains. But I am going to guess that I need to pull the glow plugs or injectors to get the oil out.

Anyone know how difficult it is to pull the glow plugs on a 3039r?

Hopefully I did not bend a rod.
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Glad your ok .
3Rs IMO really should come with rear wheels spaced out farther. I added wheel spacers to the 3Rs I had, made them night and day more stable.

Here is a picture of my Tractor before I pulled it back over.
Glad you were not hurt!

I’m curious if you have rear wheel weights and/or fluid filled tires?

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The tires are filled, I do not have weights. I will be adding them after I get it running again.

I have some lights, and brush guards that need to be replaced as well.
Interesting...Don't look that steep.
Never does
Yep..I belong to the roll over club.
Rolled mine useing the Bucket./.....No rear implement but have all 4 tires filled.

Did you maybe drop in a small hole that got the momentem started to roll?

We need a crash team deployed to the scene asap..........Tell us a bit more play by play.

It suks...I've did it like you no seat belt...mine did a almost 360 back on its wheels . I was pushing when I caught up to it.
No joy..It laid on its side like a beeched whale.

Never try to start unless its been single digit minutes.....Hopefully your good.

Never too old to learn...I still hate seat belts.

Yikes! Good you weren't injured. It certainly doesn't look that steep. I ordered 3" spacers with my 3046, tractor was delivered before spacers were installed I didn't notice it being to tipsy before they were installed and was questioning the need. Ballast and spacers aren't a replacement for careful operation or experience but I'm glad I have the spacers on. With the open station looks like the tractor shouldn't have suffered to significant damage, I imagine if that was a cab tractor that wouldn't be pretty.
Dang. Atleast you're okay!

Time to flip those adjustable wheels you have on that thing, and widen it out some.

Hopefully no.damage was done.
Glad you're OK it does hurt our pride some when * happens. Nothing really to like about your post.
Well, apparently the 3039r is a little more top heavy than my old 870.
Close one, glad you're ok. (y)
Thanks for posting, it just may help keep someone else safe.
Man I’m glad you weren’t crush when jumping off. Most times you hear of the tractor catching folks trying to jump off and throwing them under the rolling tractor. My tractor is cabbed and this makes me think more about using my seatbelt now. I’ve got to start in cutting ditches and fields next weekend.

Super glad that you are ok. Material possessions can be replaced
Ouch hard to look at but glad you are ok.
Glad you are okay.

Rule #1 - roll bar upright, seat belt on.
it just may help keep someone else safe.
Absolutely, we all need a reminder once in awhile. I know every time I'm in the horse pasture, like yesterday, I push it. It's the places that we've done a 100 times that bite us.

Brads Vineyard-glad you're okay, tractors and can be fixed and egos will heal themselves.
Bummer! Glad you made it thru this without getting hurt. Hopefully the tractor will be ok.
At first, I had hoped you loaded the photo incorrectly and then I read your post. I agree with The Duke, it sure doesn't look like its that steep of a grade, but obviously it is.

When you get some time, can you post a few pictures of the specific area which caused the roll over so we can see the actual grade and what you were dealing with?

I think it would be very helpful for all to see and specifically helpful for newbies who don't think this can happen and that the slopes they deal with "aren't that big of a deal".

Most importantly, you weren't injured.

How did you right the machine again, was it with the neighbors tractor of another of your own? Can you provide some details, more curious than anything.

Thanks for posting as this is really a very important reminder of the risk of operating ANY tractor. Very grateful your guardian angel was watching over you yesterday.
Welcome to the club nobody should want to join but some of us have. Glad you weren't hurt. Yah, I did the same thing. Laid mine on it's side. I sure hope you didn't mess things up inside when you tried starting it. I took the valve cover off and manually turned the fly wheel to get all the oil out of the top of the engine. Didn't have to take the injectors or glow plugs out. Don't know if this works for a 3 series or not. Especially after trying to start it.
Lucky you were not hurt. The tractor can be fixed or replaced. Seat belt and wheel spacer are a must.
I also add wheel weights to my tractor. I ride on hills also. I need to keep my tractor weight low and wide and sometime it still feel uneasy.
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