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Rolled my 3039r Today

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Well, apparently the 3039r is a little more top heavy than my old 870.

I was mowing a slope that I mow every year with my 870. I have to be careful with the 870 (keep the bucket down, watch my speed, ect.) But apparently it has a lower center of gravity than my 3039r. I had the bucket down and was going slow when it tipped over. I felt it start to go and immediately pushed the bucket all the way down but it was too late.

I was not buckled in (I will be in the future) and stepped off on the downhill side. I was really lucky I almost got crushed.

The tractor was on its side for about an hour. When I got it righted it was still on the slope and not completely stable. So I decided to try and start it so I could get it to a safe location. You guessed it I locked it up. In hind sight I know better than to immediately start an engine after a rollover. But I was by myself and wanted to get things to a safe state and completely forgot.

I was able to drag it to a flat area with my other tractor where is it sitting now. I am going to let it sit overnight and see if the oil drains. But I am going to guess that I need to pull the glow plugs or injectors to get the oil out.

Anyone know how difficult it is to pull the glow plugs on a 3039r?

Hopefully I did not bend a rod.
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Glad you were not hurt! [emoji482]

I’m curious if you have rear wheel weights and/or fluid filled tires?

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To my knowledge you have to get into the 4 series to get out of the aluminum rear ends.

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Is the housing of the larger 3 machines aluminum? For some reason, I thought the R's were cast steel.
There's the reason right there, if it's aluminum. Deere knows they're weak, and doesn't want to risk the liability or warranty claims by backing the use of spacers, or adjustable width R1's. Holy cow, that is pathetic!
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