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Rolled my 3039r Today

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Well, apparently the 3039r is a little more top heavy than my old 870.

I was mowing a slope that I mow every year with my 870. I have to be careful with the 870 (keep the bucket down, watch my speed, ect.) But apparently it has a lower center of gravity than my 3039r. I had the bucket down and was going slow when it tipped over. I felt it start to go and immediately pushed the bucket all the way down but it was too late.

I was not buckled in (I will be in the future) and stepped off on the downhill side. I was really lucky I almost got crushed.

The tractor was on its side for about an hour. When I got it righted it was still on the slope and not completely stable. So I decided to try and start it so I could get it to a safe location. You guessed it I locked it up. In hind sight I know better than to immediately start an engine after a rollover. But I was by myself and wanted to get things to a safe state and completely forgot.

I was able to drag it to a flat area with my other tractor where is it sitting now. I am going to let it sit overnight and see if the oil drains. But I am going to guess that I need to pull the glow plugs or injectors to get the oil out.

Anyone know how difficult it is to pull the glow plugs on a 3039r?

Hopefully I did not bend a rod.
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Glad you're OK it does hurt our pride some when * happens. Nothing really to like about your post.
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