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Until 1956, LANZ in Mannheim was the biggest german tractor factory. They were building the famous Bulldogs, tractors with an one cylinder engine. But the engines were obsolescent by the time, the same prob that Deere had with its poppers. These facts most of you will know. Then, in 1956, LANZ became illiquid and the Deutsche Bank and other shareholders were looking for an investor. And this investor was Deere & Co.

Here pics of my two LANZ tractors, a single headed D1906 and a Alldog 1305. The 1953 D1906 was the first "Halbdiesel" was a hood. Only 750 pieces were build. The Alldog A1305 is the third generation of a modern carrier system - with a motocycle engine! These engines gave LANZ death blow...
My D1906 must be restored this winter and the A1305 will be sold!



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Neat old tractors, and great photos!! Thanks for posting those, and the information to go along with them!

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Cool stuff! I for one would love to see more pics. I also enjoy reading the history you provided. Thanks!:hi:
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