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Rototiller sizing for 4066R

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Being new to rototillers on tractors, was looking at 80-84" working width tillers for my 4066R (has the 5.5" spacers so rear tires are roughly 80" wide). Was wondering if anyone has experience with tillers this size preferably in unbroken clay soil. I know there's likely no chance in getting through it when its completely dried out but was thinking this spring may be a good opportunity.

So far my top runner for a pick is the Ansung YJR084. I have a cat1/2 lift ball in my 3pt arms so should be able to pick it up.
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Ouch on the price but as long as you cover your tracks and the lift specs match you should be good.

I haven't seen too many complaints abut tillers. I bought the cheapest of cheap china tiller and other than a couple little snafoos it tills just fine.

Those listings at EA are heavier than the less expensive tillers in 7 ft. but Tractor Supply and Agri Supply are both over a thousand dollars cheaper.
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Not cheap for sure. Good Works Tractors has a couple brands too. I've never ordered from him, but I think he has a good rep on the forum.
He responds to questions pretty quickly.

Rhino Ag Rebel Rotary Tiller - Good Works Tractors

EA is pretty good too
Like @Old Machinist said, I've never heard many complaints about tillers. I'd buy a King Kutter, Tarter, Countyline, or RK tiller before I'd by an Ansung tiller, just personal preference and I've seen a lot more people happy with the farm store tillers, never seen an Ansung tiller.

Tractor Supply has a 84" Countyline tiller for $3599.

Rural King has a 84" RK (KingKutter) tiller for $3499.
RK by King Kutter 7' Professional Gear Driven Rotary Tiller, Red - TG-G-84-RR

Fleet Farm has a 84" King Kutter tiller for $3599.
7-ft Gold Gear-Driven Tiller by King Kutter at Fleet Farm

What is your budget? I shared the cheaper farm store tillers since you are already looking at a cheaper imported tiller.
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Check warrantees. Rural King only offers 30 days unless you buy extended.
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Get a disk .
Not a fan of big pto driven ground engaging equipment.
Been there done that, will never do it again.

I had a Deere top of line new 681 for my 4066R.
Using that tiller managed to sheer all these frame bolts on the tractor, after some extremely violent episodes with some hard clay soil. Only used it a short wile on this tractor but after fighting the slip clutches and doing damage to the tractor and about beating me to death in that cab. I am a firm believe any tiller bigger then maybe a small garden tractor 48" incher, is not a great choice. Needless to say that 681 tiller got traded off pretty quickly, and I bought disk. The Disk for bigger machines IMO is simply a much better choice for tilling. May have to go over a time or two or 3, but way less headache, backache and cost.

These action shots was the area that bounced and beat the tractor so violently that it sheered and snapped all those tractor frame bolts.
I don't know if this helps, but I purchased the King Kutter 84" Professional about 1.5 years ago for my 4044R. It did take forever to get, probably due to covid crisis. Seemed to work out alright. I do agree with cc1999 in some cases a disc would be better.
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