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Rototiller sizing for 4066R

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Being new to rototillers on tractors, was looking at 80-84" working width tillers for my 4066R (has the 5.5" spacers so rear tires are roughly 80" wide). Was wondering if anyone has experience with tillers this size preferably in unbroken clay soil. I know there's likely no chance in getting through it when its completely dried out but was thinking this spring may be a good opportunity.

So far my top runner for a pick is the Ansung YJR084. I have a cat1/2 lift ball in my 3pt arms so should be able to pick it up.
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Yikes, will keep what @cc1999 in mind and be especially cautious of hard soil, luckily i don't have too much in the way for stone in the area but I may try and run my box blade with the rippers down through in a couple directions just to get things a bit loosened up. Thank you all for the information, its definitely appreciated!
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