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rough starting after filter changes - 1025r

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Recently changed oil and filters (fuel and oil) on 1025r. Subsequently engine starts roughly on first start of the day. Coughs and chugs for 4-5 seconds prior to smoothing out. My sense is air in the fuel system, but I am no expert.
What could I have done during the fuel filter change that might result in this starting symptom?
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Not a darn thing, you did good and that is what is to be expected. Unless you have an air leak at the small filter, the air should eventually purge out. Any air leak after the fuel lift pump will result in a noticeable fuel leak. A minor air leak before the pump might only show a weeping damp spot if you search very carefully. Might not even spot it. I would inspect the connections of the small filter and any other fuel line connections you might have disturbed.
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