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rule of thumb for snow blade width

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While reading the posts in here about snow removal I started to think of options I will have once the tractor gets delivered. If I mount a blade on the front of my 3x20 on the loader like spudland_dave has, how wide can I go. I want to be able to push snow for a 1/4 mile. I know I will not be able to angle it so most will go off the side. But I plan to have a set of small wings to add while I am up by the house doing the final grading.

60 inches looks like it would cover the tires. Is that all I should do to maintain traction. I do not want to have too large of a blade and be spinning everywhere?

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my blade is 60". Makes it easy to walk around while in the garage but there are times when i wish it was wider. My tractor is 64" wide at the outmost part (bubble) on the tire so a few extra would have been nice.
My frame mounted blade is 82" wide. I added a set of JD wings to the JD 66" blade. I have had no issues with that configuration.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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