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SA cylinder

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Been looking at all the snow plow builds in the forum and was wondering if you could use SA cylinder for the lift on you plow? Im not sure how the hydrolic lines would hook up.I know the angle SA cylinders wok because you have two lines you hook up to the bucket curl With only one line for your lift hooked in your FEL port, will this function? have a 07,2305 john deere with just FEL hydrolics. Any help on this matter would be appreciated. TIMBO.
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Yes Timbo, you can use just one SA cylinder on your lift.

It will plug into the port that gets pressurized when the joystick is pulled back. Now, when you go to lower the blade (joystick forward) that same port will be open to the tank allowing the blade to lower BUT the other port will now be pressurized and since there is nothing plugged into it the PRV (pressure relief valve) will open and the engine will sound labored for those few seconds. No harm will be done unless you held the joystick forward for long periods of time then the fluid could overheat. Just pushing the joystick fully forward into FLOAT will alleviate both those problem altogether however.

Clear as mud?

BTW, I moved this to the Hydraulics forum.
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Just to expand to what Gizmo wrote, you need a HEAVY blade if you use a SA cylinder so it stay's down well and not ride up over things. The advantage of a DA cylinder is the ability to apply downpressure to really scrape if you need to.
thanks for your comment on my post,might be rethinking the SA cylinder now. whats the cost difference between the two?
You can get DA cylinders you need the extra hose and QD. Cheap at twice the price:laugh:
Yo Kenny. I bought the John Deere DA lift cylinder for my original plow I made. I am almost certain it is the same one you use on your plow. I am guessing it would work for Timbo, depending on how he made his plow, no?
Probably...that plow you had is still for sale correct?
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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