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SA cylinder

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Been looking at all the snow plow builds in the forum and was wondering if you could use SA cylinder for the lift on you plow? Im not sure how the hydrolic lines would hook up.I know the angle SA cylinders wok because you have two lines you hook up to the bucket curl With only one line for your lift hooked in your FEL port, will this function? have a 07,2305 john deere with just FEL hydrolics. Any help on this matter would be appreciated. TIMBO.
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thanks so much for your answer to my question, have been reading all i can on snow plow builds on this site and others. want to build one for myself and trying to get all the bugs worked out, trying to keep the weight down on front axel as much as possible using a SA cyl other than DA cyl. lots of excellent builds on here with great ideas. again thanks timbo:thumbup1gif:
Saw your post yesterday but did not comment on it. I just felt I did not have the right words and figured someone better than I would come along, and they did. My comment would have been, as it is now, IMO it is going to be a PITA using a SA cylinder.
The problem will not be raising the blade but the lowering. The SA cylinder will require down pressure (weight) to lower all the way all the time. Float mode will have a slow reaction time and also with no weight on the cylinder the cylinder will come to a stop the minute the blade hits the ground regardless if the cylinder is all the way down or not.
thanks for your comment on my post,might be rethinking the SA cylinder now. whats the cost difference between the two?
thanks for all the info yes i did look up some prices on cyl bout 100. to 120. did look like over kill, still thinking on my build. Thanks again timbo.:bye:
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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