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Scotts L2040 Question.

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Ok guys I have a Scotts L2048 it is a 2000/2001 model. Someone told me that it is possible to change or add fulid to the transaxle. I know deere specs it as a seals "disposable" unit, but was wondering if anyone has done this or could provide any details on this? I just figured that I would get maintenance done on all my equiptment this winter so it was ready to go in the spring.

I should have added that is would be the old L series John deere. ( They made them for 3 years I believe.)
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Did a bit of research and this lawn tractor has some version of the Tuff Torq K46. It looks as if a rebuild is possible by going through Tuff Torg for parts. I am just not sure it would be worth it to rebuild it until it fails. it has 480+ hours on it and I do see any reason to tear it apart until it doesn't move. Only problem will be that will be in the middle of cutting grass.

If any body has preformed service on these please let me know how it went for you.
There is something to the saying "If it's not broken don't fix it". Good luck. :good2:
Thats forsure, I am still from the mind set that "grease is cheaper than parts" So next lawn tractor will be serviceable!

Unless the mower is moving very slow, I'd leave it alone. With the hours you have on the machine and its age I'd be tempted to run it until it dies and get a new one; hopefully a X320 or better.

I would love to find a 455 or 445 but that my be a bit bigger than I really need with having the 2305. We will see how it goes this year.
I would love to find a 455 AWS; but finding used equipment, let alone good quality used stuff from the Colorado-Kansas border westward is difficult. The Midwest and East Coast people seem to have an abundance of used equipment to choose from.
The problem we have here is that Good used equiptment carriers a high price tag. Or at least the "newer" justed stuff does.
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