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Not really all that important, but I always thought, and was given the impression on other sites, that the 2320/2520/2720 tractors were considered CUT tractors. On this site JD includes them in the "Sub Compact" group.

What are they SCUT or CUT?:unknown:

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Not a whole lot of size difference between the 2320/2520/2720 and the 3000 series. Although some of the 3000's are quite a bit heavier. Is the SCUT/CUT thing based on weight?

I consider the 2000 series to be miniature utility tractors or MUT's for short. They have their place and can be very handy to have. Great machines for the guy who does a little bit of everything.
No it doesn't really matter at all what they call them, but since there are both acronyms floating around out there I just wondered what is the criteria that separates the two classes? :unknown:

The 2305, model series to me would in the SCUT category, similar to the "Orange" BX series, which are actually referred to on their website as "Sub Compacts" (Physically a lot smaller than the others in the JD 2000 series or Kub's "B" series)

On JD's site, everything from the 2305 and up are just referred to as "Compact Utility Tractors", and I was wondering what constitutes a "Sub" Compact, and why.

Don't mind me Randy, I must have too much time on my hands, but I just thought I would ask, and see if anyone had an answer. Maybe the whole thing got started by "Orange" referring to the BX's as SCUTS, as I said, JD doesn't refer to anything as a "Sub Compact" on their website that I can see. Only on this board is there a distinction.

OK guys, what's up with the labels. Does it really matter?:unknown:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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