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Have you ever wanted to get a longer bolt to replace something on the tractor? How about a different type of nut or fastener? You always have the option of looking for the item at the local hardware store but did you know you can also search for things like nuts and bolts on JD Parts?

I was looking for a longer version of a bolt P/N M807413. So the first thing I did was go to JD Parts and get the specifications for this bolt. You can choose English or Metric specifications.

View attachment 400658

This tells me it's a M12x30mm bolt with a 1.25 thread pitch. Now to look for a longer bolt.

Go to the JD Parts home page and click Maintenance Part Searches -> By Part Specifications in the lower left hand corner.

View attachment 400666

The first page of the Part Specifications Search will come up. Enter the type of part group you are looking for. In this example we are looking for a bolt.

View attachment 400778

Next enter the part class. In this case we are looking for a Hex Head Metric bolt.

View attachment 400690

You then have the option of viewing graphic representations for the various fastener types.

View attachment 400754

Or you can simply enter the name if you already know it. In this case it is a Hex Head. Then click FIND PARTS.

View attachment 400706

Next, enter the desired measurements for the bolt you are looking for and click GO. The search results will be displayed. From this screen you can get the parts detail, the price and whether or not your default dealer has the part in stock. You can also add the item to your cart and order directly from JD Parts.

View attachment 400714

To confirm if a part meets all of your requirements you can then click on the P/N to bring up the parts detail for that item.

View attachment 400722

If you play around with these pages a bit you will see that you can search for all types of items. There is much more detail provided about a part than you typically see in the JD Parts illustrated parts list. This can be very handy when you need something very specific that might not be found at your local hardware store. In my case I decided to go with the M12x100mm bolt in 1.25 thread pitch. Something that would be difficult to find at my local hardware store.

I hope you found this information useful.


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