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Series 4 Rockshaft Control Lever

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I am having problems with the Rockshaft Control Lever “missing” the metal stop that I set into position. The lever wants to run past the metal stop. Since the stop doesn't go all away across the slot, there is enough room for the lever's arm to run past it. Has anyone else had this problem and, if so, what was your solution?


One solution I had is to put the locking lever in the way of the arm but I am not sure this is what John Deere had in mind.


Another solution I had thought of is to JB-Weld another piece of metal on top of the existing metal stop so as to close the gap. Any other ideas?
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According to Deere, the rockshaft stop is designed to be bypassed so it can also be used in the opposite direction. If you push the lever past the stop it can be used to limit upward travel for PTO driven implements that can be damaged if they're raised too far while the PTO is engaged creating a bind in the shaft and yokes.
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