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Setting the timing on a john deere 500c?

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Just got a 500c loader backhoe. Im trying to find info on setting the timing. but so far i havnt had any luck. Anyone have any info on this? Thanks. I can also post picks if need be.
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I think the 500 has the same engine as a 3020. I don't have the information that you need for timing, but a 3020 manual might be easier to find. The 3020 diesel used a 270 cubic inch, four cylinder. I'm sure that someone with the correct information will come in on your post at some point.

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I tried to respond to this post a few days ago. I guess it didn't go through. How much of the engine was apart? There are several things to time on this engine. Can you give me a little more info?
You can look for the manual or just ask the dealer for that! Surely, they can guide you..
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