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She's ALIVE! - Kubota GL6500S Generator

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So after my FIL had the engine rebuilt and he re did everything, I got word Saturday the only thing left to do to it is I need to buy a new battery...other then that she starts & runs like a top! Once someone comes down this way I should have it here.
Once it gets here, is there any tests I should run on it to ensure the output voltage is where its supposed to be etc? Is slapping a multimeter there to test it satisfactory? Any other methods to test the output? He tested it with a heat gun and a 100w drop light and all appears to be working well.
The Generator head was supposedly rebuilt approx 500 hours ago...I say supposedly, I KNOW it was rebuilt to a degree as I have the reciept showing it was, but all that was replaced were some Bearings, an AVR, and a few other things...Just want to make sure all is well before "relying" on it.
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When I installed my Generac, I used heaters and halogen floodlights to load it the best I could. By knowing the wattage of the light and heater it was easy to figure the amps. The directions wanted it "broken in" for one hour at no load, 1 hour at 25%, 1 hour at 50% and 1 hout at 75%, then change the oil.

My Fluke meter measures frequency, testing that was simple for me...

Dave, test that meter may just be a loose wire since it was all apart.
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