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Shop Tour

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Here is a short video of my shop.
Thanks for looking
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Awesome KHOP! That is a beautiful setup you have there! :thumbup1gif:
Very Nice! Thanks for sharing:drinks:
Wow, wow, wow, wow!

You thought of everything. Very well done, you did a great job with the layout and plenty of bench space. Thank you Khop. I really appreciated the tour.
That's really nice. Looks like you can spend days at a time in there!
Well's time for me to sell the contents of my pathetic shop. :lol:

Very nice and thanks for sharing. :good2:
Shop Envy! Very nice :thumbup1gif: thanks for the video. You've got stuff I didn't even know existed!


WOW!!!! What I would give to have a setup like that. Thanks for video. One question though, how did you get all that and the building by the wifey. HA

now thats a shop!!!!!! that is amazing im jealous
That shop makes Norm Abrams look like kindergarten. Truely a masterpiece.
Clean Shop

Very impressive. And CLEAN. You shamed me into cleaning the steel dust out of my knife shop on Christmas eve morning.:cookoo:
KHOP Shop..................

People like you make me sick!!!!!!!!!! :lol: If only my 'genes' would have 'alinged' a little better, maybe I'd be able to A) Put tools away, after I'm done with them, And B) Not have so many offsprings that would borrow.....(Did I say 'borrow'(?) my stuff! That is truly a Craftsmen's paradise! Thanks for sharing! Awesome, awesome set-up....Happy New Year! ~Scotty

PS- If I needed a Phillips head right now it would take me 20 minutes!!!!!!! ~Scotty
Thanks for posting, you have an incredible shop! :thumbup1gif: Very clean and well thought out. :thumbup1gif:
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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