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side shift flail mower and independant deck lift question

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I have a 1025R with 60D deck with the independant lift hydraulics. I am considering a Peruzzo side shift flail mower. I was told the hydraulics for the side shift plug into the deck lift lines -- for the deck plumbed such that it is raised and lowered with the FEL bucket control. For my blackberry control I need to have the FEL on so I can push down the vines and have the flail mower grind them up. The side shift would be very handy around fences and trees. Since my tractor came with the separate lift deck control I'm not going to complain, but can someone let me know how I might connect the side shift given my configuration?

If anyone has a favorite side shift flail mower around 48 - 60 inches wide that will work on 2" material utilizing the 24hp PTO on the 1025R, let me know. I am not committed to any particular machine at this time.

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