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snow bucket for tractor

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anyone ever make or buy a snow bucket for their Deere? Looking for something large capicity to scoop and dump snow. I know its summer and hot as haiti, but I figured now was the time to think about it. was thinking about finding a used bucket and modify it as a snow bucket.
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Have a look here.

Top notch stuff, have seen them being used in person, real sweet!!

Like this one?

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Custom-built by ATI Corporation in New Holland, PA.
equipment junkie that is exactly what I am looking for, is that yours? If so how much bigger is it than the regular bucket? what size loader do you have? how wide is it? what did it set you back?

thanks thats why I came here!
That bucket in the photo is not mine, but a neighbor's. He is still using it even though it is about 15 years old and is now mounted on his 4720. It is 78"-wide and built higher and deeper for added it has that spill guard which I think just impedes visibility and blocks the headlights when plowing at night.
I wish I could afford one of those 6 way blades. That would make life a lot easier when plowing, mucho flexibility:thumbup1gif:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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