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I bought an old F910 John Deere with mower for a project. It hadn't run in years but I got it going with quite a bit of TLC .Got the mower working and cut some grass and was going to put it away for the winter when I came upon a Kubota 2551 front snowblower attachment for free which was beaten down but I figured it's free so why not try and hook it up to the F910. First thing I found was the 910 runs at 2000 pto rpm and this blower is designed to run at 540.The previous owner had chains ,sprockets and idlers designed for a Kubota I bought a 12 tooth and a 32 tooth sprocket for the main.Decided to forget about the idlers because i have no idea why I need them.Hooked the chain up to the 2 sprockets.Turned it by hand and it appears that the fan shaft is bent a bit as it is snug in one spot and looser on the rest.Is there a chain guide/tensioner that I could hook up to take the slack out and if so where would I find such a thing?I haven't tried it yet but I assume this isn't good.Also worried about the chain falling off .
Well i was ready for a try to see what would happen but the PTO shaft used for the mower for the John Deer was too short by about 4 inches for the blower..Is there a way to attach an adapter of some sort to the 1 inch keyed pto input shaft to make it longer?I also see they sell 36 inch length of keyed shaft .Could I replace the existing shaft and cut it to the proper length? How long of a shaft sticking out of the blower reduction plate is ok to use to attach PTO shaft ?I need about 6 inches longer to be safe but would prefer more . Don't want to spend 4 or $500 for a pto shaft


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I reverse engineered the project you have. I took a loftness 2stage blower off a Kubota front mount. The blower was originally manufactured as a 540rpm 3pt mount. Loftness added two rigid arms and hung a gear box on it that stepped down from the 2000 rpm to 540 so it would function properly on the kubota. Since I put it back to 3pt 540 I had to remove the gear box and make a new pto shaft 6" longer.
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