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I got a used L111 that I didn't pay too much for, and it works flawlessly for cutting grass. Needs a little TLC (I'll be repainting it next summer), but it runs great.
Now I want it to work year round for me, and that means to get it to throw my snow instead of me killing my back for my 5 car driveway and path to my garden shed.

I don't feel like dishing out three times what I paid for the tractor to get a new snowblower attachment, so I am shopping used.

Although there aren't a ton of models listed in the John Deer Parts catalog for the 42 and 44 inch snowblowers, every model I seem to find used seems to not be compatible with my tractor (one had a vertical PTO pulley system, the other is a 1988 model, so the frame doesn't fit and isn't retrofittable).

I am now looking at a Bercomac / John Deere green snowblower, 44 inches, with the old chain and sprocket drive for the front auger, and I can't find antything of the sort that would help me figure out if this model fits on my tractor.

Here are the photos of the blower (THEY ARE NOT MINE, they are the seller's), take a look at the photos if you want, and give me your opinion as to if I can retrofit this onto my tractor. For the moment, the seller is not able to give me model or serial number (he is not at his place for a little bit), but he will once he goes back home.



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