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Snowblower on a 4020

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I just picked up 1964 4020 with a syncro transmission. I am looking to use it this winter with a 3 pt snow blower. From what others have said first reverse is a little too fast on the syncros to run the engine at pto speed. My question is, will a 540 or 1000 pto rated snow blower still do a decent job if run it at half throttle? Would I be better off using a 540 to 1000 adapter then install the 1000 pto rpm on the tractor and run it at half throttle that way the snow blower is still getting 540 pto rpm?
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We used to have one on the 4020 back in the 80’s. It was a 540 RPM and ran it wide open. I don’t remember any issues with it but after the first pass you could always take less of a cut if required. I would not try to run it at half throttle using the 1000rpm, I understand what you’re saying but you would end up with a power problem or a broken snowblower IMOP.
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Have you tried backing it in first reverse at full throttle? Perhaps you can judge if it is too fast.
It is kind of fast in R1.

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We use one on the 4010 sometimes and depending on type of snow all reverse gears are a little fast if I remember correctly. We ran it at 540 and about half throttle I think. Been a few years since we needed it.
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I'm trying to figure out the same problem .
I am planning on using throttling the engine down somewhere around 1200+
I am going to change the pto shaft on the snow blower to 1000RPM and use the 1000RPM stub shaft.
I have heard from Tx Jim, and I thank him for his input.
It sounds like he doesn't think it will be a good idea because he stated the JD does not recommend running the engine below 1500 with a load.
I just don't know what they consider a load. Just moving the tractor is a load, but to what degree I don't know, however. I have no intention of putting the tractor through the wringer, if it doesn't work, I'll just continue using my garden tractor blower, I don't have that much driveway anyway, so it will never be a continuous operation.

A few years ago I ran a buzz saw with my 112 JD garden tractor. A lot of my friends said that wouldn't work either, but I needed the wood to heat the house. I cut many many cord with that rig and it didn't even open the throttle cutting a log.
If I get it done, which my wife thinks is not a sure thing, I'll report the findings.

See my discussion here: 3010-with-a-rear-mounted-snow-blower.213665/#post-3744980
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