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Snowblower with R4's or Turf Tires?

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I'm in the process of ordering a 1026r. I have have 250 feet of blacktop to snowblow that has some slope.
What have 2305 owners used as tires with snowblowers in similar situations. I will use chains with either
type of tire. I have 3 acres that I will mow and also a quarter acre garden to till.
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Thanks everyone for your responses! This 1026 r will be replacing my 455 and 855 that have been great
tractors. I have used the 455 w/turfs and chains on the driveway with a front blade with limited success.
Sometimes when it is icy it gets challenging.
My 455 is listed at 965 lbs. I have 50 lb, wheel weights plus 240 of weight on the back bracket. The 1026R is listed
around 1450 lbs.
dmay---do you use those duo grip style chains on blacktop? Their ad says they beat up pavement.
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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