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What's everyone running for snowblowers on your machines, if you have them? The ~$3000 they quoted me for a front-mount 54" JD blower seemed like a bit much (blower + front QH), so I was thinking of getting a rear mount one. What are brands people are familiar with and what are your experiences with them?
thanks in advance-
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I am running the 54 front mount. Bear in mind that the mounting can be used for other attachment, for example, I use the front mount 60 brush also. It can also take the 54 blade. If it is only a bit much I would say go for it. You won't look back. :laugh:
I use the same weight in the BB for the FEL and the blower, approx. 800lbs. Bear in mind that you have 4WD, locking diff., and steering breaks. All this makes for quite a snow machine. I have had no problems with this combination. Just my 2 cents.
Question When Itake the 200CX loader off and put the Snow Blower On should I reduce the amount of Weight in the weight box. I am currently running about 850lbs in the box.
Blower only weighs 350, I was thinking that approx. 400lbs should be enough for winter weight.
When blower is down no weight on Front End the 400 adds to the rear traction weight. When blower up the 400 counter balances the 350 hanging on Front.

What is everyone thoughts on weight?
We gonna get to see it?:unknown:
Purchased an Agro Trend 1054 rear mount, 54" for the 1026R....cost was around 1650.00. Haven't had the chance to test yet but reviews on unit seem to be positive.
Jim, the only conclusion I can make here is you are moving snow for hire. For no other reason I can think of for you to worry about any kind of speed. Also, bear in mind that you are actually picking up that snow and throwing it and not just pushing it out of the way. Just my 2 cents.
Still to slow George. For two pounds of past it's expiration date taco meat you get twenty illegals to clear that track in half the time. :laugh::laugh::laugh:

When I lived in the burbs I had a 10 HP Ariens 30" or 32"? snow blower that would kick that front end blowers azz. :lol:
Bob, your young age is showing, you'll change your mind as the years pass. You make a valid point on the other attachments, my view is that, easier is better and looking forward is easier. As was noted in another thread, "Smarter not Harder". :lol:
I've heard many suggestions that having to turn to look backwards would be a pain but I'm not seeing this as a problem as during normal ops with any rear implement.....I'm constantly turning around anyway! Tillers, tuning plows, etc....all require rearward viewing constantly and the seating on this thing is extremely comfortable.


Can't dissagree with ya on the versatility of the FEL.
I don't necessarily disagree Randy. I just find that the FEL is always so versatile and in combination with just about anything else attached on the rear, seems to work really well but in absence of it, you lose some of the versatility. With a quick poll I'd bet most would identify the FEL as the one implement most often utilized across all the simply has so many functions.
Regardless....when I get old enough that I can't turn my head 90 degree's sporadically, I think I'll just get the kid next door to shovel it for me while I watch "facing forward" and idling on my tractor!!! ;)

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