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So what JD stuff did Santa bring you?

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Surprised I haven't seen this thread posted already...

So, what did Santa bring you guys?

I'll go first, a JD neon shop clock, a JD hooded sweatshirt, and even a homemade JD scarf for snowblowing the driveway!

Ok, how about you guys - watcha get?
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Wife and daughter gave me a deluxe grill guard for my 1026R, and the grand children gave me a fine John Deere mug! Joe
2 JD tee shirts, a JD calendar featuring 1956 model tractors and a JD spec manual that has worlds of info on JD tractors.
Well you asked,,here it is,,,,,

Santa brought us a 2011 5075M super deluxe platform w/ 3rd mid remote, 3rd rear remote +, 4900 lb lower link option, 48" fork attachment, Hat for me, Hat for our daughter and a nice pull over hoody for my wife, can of touch up paint, 2 remote couplers annnndddddddd onnnnnnnneeeeeeee tank of fuel.


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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