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Soda Blasting

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Interesting video:

A "kinder, gentler sand blaster" ? Not sure if this would be a win compared to a nylon or brass brush other than getting into cracks better.

Here's where you get your soda:

50# Medium Grade AMEX Soda Blast Media

But hey, it's something different. :unknown:

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I wonder if it would work to remove clear or silver anodizing from aluminum prior to having it anodized red or blue like Aeroquip fittings.
Clear or silver, probably. Type 1 and 2 anodize is in my opinion mostly cosmetic and doesn't stand up to much abuse. You will likely still end up with some of the oxide layer which penetrated into the aluminum from the initial anodize process but your parts will likely take an additional anodize. I speculate the colors may be off though.

If you are trying to blast off a type 3 with dichromate seal (dark green to black in color), probably not. If properly done, the anodize should hold up to a fair degree of soda blasting. The only way i know off to completely remove anodizing is via chemical methods.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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