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Soda Blasting

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Interesting video:

A "kinder, gentler sand blaster" ? Not sure if this would be a win compared to a nylon or brass brush other than getting into cracks better.

Here's where you get your soda:

50# Medium Grade AMEX Soda Blast Media

But hey, it's something different. :unknown:

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I considered/am considering Soda Blasting my Tiller actually..biggest claim to fame i've heard for Soda in my book (in addition to the ones already listed) is the ability to blast things that are assembled....For example, my way would you want to try that with sand as the sand would destroy the seals and work its way into every bearing & gear/chain box there is. With soda all you need to do is flush the oil and refil with new and pump a few new shots of grease into every bearing after you paint it.
Big thing though, according to what I've read, is that it won't touch heavy rust. I assume the tiller is rusty?
That was my concern too...its not TOOO bad, as you can see in this pic, the top side is "paint free" :lol: but the rest isnt to bad at all. Its rusty, but I wouldnt say its heavy rust...alot of surface rust is how i'd describe it.

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Should take it off if it's only surface. Where you going to get the pot from? Also, Eastwood makes a kit that you can use with a regular sand blaster
Guy 20 miles north of me offers both on site and at his site blasting...part of the reason of blasting in the first place is I really dont feel like doing it myself to begin with.
Between Compressor/Tools/Media/Time Sand or Soda blasting that IMO isnt worth DIY.
The table was owned by a literal starving arteest and he made a mess of the pencil tray with paint splatters and the like.
Have you tried some AirCraft stripper? Not too many paints it hasnt worked for me on....Id try that to get most of that paint spatter off.

Where do you get the aircraft grade stripper as I doubt Home Despot will carry something like that?
I usually get mine at Auto Parts store...Advance, PepBoys, etc...
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