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Soil Report Questions

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Thought I would ask since I’m betting someone here knows how to read this!

So I had my soil tested that I want to start as a garden this year. To me the formatting is messed up as those two 0s shouldn’t be on their own lines...and should be up in the appropriate columns.

I’m guessing that the data there (3, 1 and 75) may belong to phosphorus, potash and lime....I emailed them to clarify....but I’m guessing someone here will be able to figure it out lol.

So if my assumptions are correct: how do I fertilize my garden? Lime seems pretty obvious: I’d need 75 pounds per 1,000 sq ft of soil. Phosphorus and potash....not so obvious to me....can I get a fertilizer with that ratio of phosphorus/potash? As spreading 1 pound of potash per 1000 sq ft seems like that would be a bit difficult lol.

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You probably aren't going to find a product sitting on the shelf with the exact mixture you need. You can buy phosphorous or potash at most farm/feed stores, ACE Hardware, Lowe's HD, etc.. I'm pretty sure you could buy either off of Amazon if you wanted to. I'm pretty sure you can also find potash on a liquid form that you could apply with a hose sprayer. That might make it easier to get it applied evenly. (If you go looking for potash you may get strange looks. It's just potassium. Ask for potassium citrate or potassium sulfate.)

If you have an actual fertilizer mill available you can go in and ask them to mix what you need and tell them how many sq ft you need to cover and they can do a custom mix for you.
Yeah, you can use the pelletized lime from HD. Lowe's, etc...

As for the other stuff, your profile says you are in Lawson, MO.

Call Lawson Agri-Services on N. Penn St.

They are a wholesale fertilizer dealer. Tell them what you are looking for and ask them for leads on a local retailer that carries their products. They know who they distribute products to. (They may even sell retail, I dunno.)
A google search of "custom made fertilizer" is of no how the heck can I make or buy the fertilizer I need to meet the soil test recommendations the University of Missouri gave me?

I'm wondering if I can go to a Lowes or Farm Store (Tractor Supply, Orscheln, etc) and tell them what I need? I wouldn't think they would do a custom mix...I think the lime is self explanitory....I found online that farm supply places sell pelletized lime for around $5 per 40lbs.

I think it was referenced above; the numbers on fertilizer represent what it would be for the ratio has to be correct...since it would be tough to spread 2lbs of K in a 43x45 "square" real accurately....????

Help? lol
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