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Soil Report Questions

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Thought I would ask since I’m betting someone here knows how to read this!

So I had my soil tested that I want to start as a garden this year. To me the formatting is messed up as those two 0s shouldn’t be on their own lines...and should be up in the appropriate columns.

I’m guessing that the data there (3, 1 and 75) may belong to phosphorus, potash and lime....I emailed them to clarify....but I’m guessing someone here will be able to figure it out lol.

So if my assumptions are correct: how do I fertilize my garden? Lime seems pretty obvious: I’d need 75 pounds per 1,000 sq ft of soil. Phosphorus and potash....not so obvious to me....can I get a fertilizer with that ratio of phosphorus/potash? As spreading 1 pound of potash per 1000 sq ft seems like that would be a bit difficult lol.

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Looks to me like the form and the results and recommendations entered do not line up, making it hard to decipher the recommendations.

The N-P-K recommendations look like a 0-3-1 fertilizer recommendation. The pH at 5.8 is slightly acidic, but as it looks like you are growing vegetables, they should do fine at that pH. Which makes me think that the 75 lb lime recommendation is not lined up right on the form.

Looking at the form, the 75 listed near LIME has two zeroes beneath it, which makes me think the results got wrapped around into new lines, 75, 0, and 0. Which would make the lime recommendation zero, and the zinc recommendation 75, which is really confusing. And the " ) " that should be right after P2O3 has also kicked down a line.

I think it's worth a call to the lab to clarify which number goes with which heading, rather than guessing.
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