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Okay, Lets see what we can discuss here.

I have a JD Z710A with 54" 7 iron deck. It has a 23 hp Kohler V-Twin, and the Hydros are Tuff Torg TZT1310 ..10cc transmissions. (I THINK) with 22" x 11-10 tires and rims. Last fall I installed 2" space adapters to each wheel backplate to spread the tires wider as I was mowing a 1260 feet of 25-30 degree angle ditch. I had been mowing this ditch with my JD345 with 54" deck and no problem. I tried the Ztrak on the ditch several times since 2013 and I might say it was kind of scary. This past January my next door neighbor traded his zero turn for a new JD Z960R and he wanted the "Tweels" instead of the standard 24"x 12-12 tires. I bought these Carlisle 24" x 12-12 tires from him for $150.00 and that included the rims. I installed these 24" x 12-12 to the Z710A and have mowed the ditch twice so far without any scary problem. I think the wider tires helped in many ways.

Now come the time for the "opinions' here.

Listed below is the comparison on the TZT-1310 hydro (I think is in the Z710A mower) and the TZT-13 that John Deere installed in the 800 series and 900 series Zero Turns mowers. PLEASE NOTE: Where it compares the tires. TZT-1310 states it is made for 20"-23" (MAX.) tires Meaning no tires larger than 23 inch. And the TZT-13 is for 24" and up. Keep in mind, I now have 24" tires on the TZT-1310 axles.
So, what is Tuff Torg saying.... That the TZT-1310 (10cc) will not (or shouldn't) run 24" tires, or is it the extra width and dia. rim size, and the extra tire weight that is the problem?

Thanks in advance for the comments.

Full Line Comparison - Tuff Torq Corporation
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