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Soon to be new 1026R owner

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I've been lurking here for the past few months as I made a decision on a new tractor. Currently have a JD LT 180, 42" mulch deck, plow, 10P cart, tractor trunk and snow chains. Very long story short, I narrowed my choices down to an x748, 1023E/1026R. Just placed the order for the 1026R today with 54" front blade, H120 FEL, iMatch, ballast box and 60D 7 Iron mid mount mower with auto connect. Dealer projecting Facotry Delivery Dates week of 12/19 except for front blade which is week of 1/7, might be sooner.
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Purchased on Dec.4th and still waitng........

Now I'm hoping for 8 ft of snow so I can really have some fun.
Yikes!!! I sold the old garden tractor and snow blower set-up and now my dealer is telling me January 10th for delivery. PTO shaft connecting the 54" blower to the 1026 is back ordered :cray:. I'm praying the snow holds off!

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