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SST15 lost steering

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I have a SST15 that without any notice just stopped turning left or right.... it will go forward and backwards but will not turn at all moving forward or reverse...I have replaced the little filters on the two actuators but no luck

Any help here please!
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I believe that machine relies on vacuum to turn. Check your vacuum hoses from the steering logic to the engine.:good2:
While it is running I can remove vacuum hoses and can feel suction from any hose???

Thanks for the suggestion
I have found that when the battery is fully charged it works fine so my guess is I need a new battery and that will cure my issue. After charging it I mowed the yard no problem
Those darn batteries seem to cause all kinds of seemingly unrelated problems. Glad you found your problem and it is a simple fix. Thanks for the up date.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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