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Starter not starting 1023e

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FYI: I experienced a situation with my 1023e that almost drove me bonkers. The starter would whine and not get he engine to turn over. I checked circuits, fuses and even in desperation, giggled wires and was about to give up home when out of the corner of my eye i noticed a stick peaking out of the back of the motor near the flywheel. I thought to my self, self that doesn't belong there. After working the stick for several minutes I pulled about a nine inch twig approximately 1/4 in diameter from the flytwheel wedged in by the starter. I have no idea how the stick got there but it sure didn't belong there. It fixed the problem. I thought I'd post this to save some other person the headache I had. I read allot of the posts and they helped in other situations just not in this one.
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Thought there was a plastic cover over the rear of the engine?
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