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Starting New Vegetable Plot tiller/and disc?

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So finally hooked up the king kutter Xb for my 1025r ran like a dream. Made fine soil from a hay field. Doing my research I’m told that I should form long elevated rows for
My vegetable garden. Am I asking for trouble not doing this? Would a disc Harrow be the tool to achieve this? Does anyone just plant in the fresh tilled soil? Learning as I go So Appreciate any and all advice!!!
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If you want to plant on “hills” you’ll need a garden bedder or hiller. I have one from Everything Attachments and they have some good videos on using the tool too. Heavy Hitch has one as well as many other companies.
You don’t need to have one to make hills nor do you need to have your plants planted that way most of the time. I use mine to hill potatoes and to make raised beds for my transplanted plants such as tomatoes. My soil isn’t the best draining and this keeps them from being flooded out in heavy rains.
You can make raised rows with a shovel or rake too. Just a little more manual labor.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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