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Starting to restore a 1944 "A": Need rims

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My dad purchased this "A" new in the spring of 1944 (the spring I was born, as was the tractor!). Brother and I just decided to restore it; had been a working tractor until about 10-12 years ago (and it worked alot... used for everything; even plowed with it in the 1950s, although a narrow front. Also was used on Farmhand, sickle mower, 2-row corn cultivator, etc... pretty much name it, it was used and used and used!).

Suggestions on best place to find rear rims (and tires)? One is rusted out from the chloride; the other is also rough. Tractor is in North Central North Dakota... so something nearby would be good.

Also, wondering about installing a starter... change out the flywheel, etc. Still have to crank this one with the flywheel!

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You know..........we'll need photos for this one especially. This sounds like a very good project. Sorry, can't help with the wheels. Be sure and keep us up to date.
I know there are lots of suppliers that advertise in the magazine, and probably here as well:
I had the same issue when i was trying to restore a John Deere 44 plow. Those spoke rims are hard to find, and when you do, they are not cheap.

With the plow, I found it to be better to purchase a second plow to have parts.

You might be better off with a second tractor to pull parts from in the long run.
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